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Divina Spils The Tea

Divina Spils The Tea

It's been a heck of a year here at HT towers and the world at large to be fair. It's made me reflect on how we have arrived where we are socially and politically. We've had a massive move forwards in LGBT rights over the last few years in the west.

It's not been the same for everyone in the world with some areas making very definite moves backwards. The work is not finished and this years shift to the right has shown this more clearly than ever. Talk to people let them speak and help persuade them why we all deserve the same rights.

There's also been the constant bitching and sniping at each other on the scene and towards HT. It's made me think more than ever of the lyrics of a song 'do nothing till you hear from me'. Meaning till you hear it from the horses mouth pay those bitches no mind.

With DragTech on the way I can tell you we will have plenty to talk about so ignore the 'chatter' and wait till you hear